Success Stories

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Thales Deutschland

A Roadmap for Model-based Design of Railway Systems

Thales Deutschland – Transportation Systems Division contracted MES to boost model-based system development of rail signalling and safety equipment.Thales is one of the world’s leading suppliers of cutting-edge railway signalling solutions for mainline and urban rail, which guarantee the safe, reliable, convenient and efficient transport of passengers and freight. The Thales Deutschland – Transportation Systems Division includes the development centre for innovative solutions for railway signalling and safety systems...Read article



Renault Uses MES Software to Boost Efficiency in Model-based Development

Renault is one of the world’s largest car manufacturers and a leading player in the emerging technology field of e-mobility. In Renault’s LARDY and GUYANCOURT development centers on the outskirts of Paris, a staff of over 14,000 engineers is engaged in creating technology concepts for the next generation of passenger cars. A significant focus of Renault’s R&D activities lies on safety-critical vehicle functionalities, including tracking control, motor management, and battery management systems. ... Read article



MES Model Examiner with Excel Adapter Gives Consistent Data Formats and Efficient System Integration

Embedded systems in vehicles are becoming increasingly complex. Individual components are developed in a distributed manner and subsequently integrated into a functional overall system by the OEM or first-tier supplier. This distributed process makes the need for consistent data formats and interfaces essential. The application of MES Model Examiner® with the MS Excel® Adapter allows inconsistencies to be detected and rectified automatically, resulting in shorter development cycles and making the embedded system less susceptible to error...Read article