Press Releases

Although nothing is older than yesterday’s news: The news we announce in our press releases often retains its newsworthiness. 

| MES Training Workshops - A Global Success

Experts in model-based development of embedded software with Simulink®, Embedded Coder®, and TargetLink® are out in the field worldwide.
The training workshop program offered by Berlin-based software company Model Engineering Solutions (MES) has recorded strong growth in international markets. The MES Academy training workshop on the topic of “Model-based Development of Embedded Software in Compliance with ISO 26262 - Challenges and Effective Solutions” is among the most popular. The company's strategy for global growth, network expansion, and development of its training workshop offering is proving to be the right one.


| Successfully Applying IEC 61508 in Model-based Devolopment

With the new workshop "Model-based Development in Compliance with IEC 61508", MES has introduced a guide to implementing the standard in model-based software development to its program.
The IEC 61508 standard safeguards electric, electronic, and programmable systems with safety-critical functions. The growth of automation in industry makes this standard essential for safety-critical and future-oriented systems, like heat pumps or directional drilling systems. In the automotive industry, the ISO 26262 standard - derived from IEC 61508 - is used in safeguarding safety-relevant systems. As a method, the use of model-based development has also proven successful. At Forum Safety & Security, to be held from July 04 – 06, 2017, Dr. Heiko Dörr will present the "Implementation of ISO 26262-6 for Model-based Software Development" as part of a session. The processes introduced during the presentation will also be considered in the MES Workshop "Model-based Development in Compliance with IEC 61508" and applied to IEC 61508. The training workshop will feature in MES’ training workshop program - part of the MES Academy - from 2018, but is available to interested parties as of now upon request.


| Software Drives Product Development in Automation Technology

Webinar on model-based software development in automation technology, robotics, and engineering on July 4 and 5, 2017
Berlin-based software company Model Engineering Solutions GmbH (MES) will hold a webinar on the topic of “Software Drives Product Quality in Automation, Robotics, and Engineering” on July 4 and 5, 2017. The webinar will look at how model-based software design is finding its way into automation technology, robotics, and engineering, and provide insight into the quality standards in these areas. The webinar will take place on two alternative dates in English.