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From Chaos to Launch of a Brand New Car

by Markus Niklasson and Azin Akbari (CEVT)


"Take a project without requirements, no architecture, no documentation, globally distributed teams, and a newly started R&D center. Add in product management and stakeholders issuing a warning to deliver on time with quality or face serious consequences. Then bring in brilliant people, empower them, and launch agile practices with supporting tooling."

The above "User Story" exemplifies the situation CEVT Power-train Engineering faced at the beginning of 2016. Today, a totally new car brand, Lynk & Co, has been launched in China and will target EMEA and the Americas in the near future. How was this possible in such a short time?

The recipe was:

  • Bring in good people and empower the teams
  • Apply agile practices (Scrum and Kanban)
  • Bring in tooling to support development (Continuous Integration)
  • Test, test, and test

Orchestrating agile teams is not a "walk in the park", but with good leadership and motivated people as well as supported tooling, any challenge can go from chaos to success.