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Model-Based Configuration Management

In the age of digitization, the implementation of innovative product ideas poses new challenges to product development due to rapidly growing collaboration networks and the increasing implementation of software functionality.

One concern is to ensure integrity, reproducibility, availability, traceability and consistency in our model-based world. To date, this is controlled by document-based configuration management.

However, the key to effective, efficient and flexible collaboration in development networks is a common, application-neutral description of configuration management rules with a standardized model-based description language. The respective applications must be enabled to interpret this application-neutral description and to adapt their behavior accordingly.

This article describes motives, fundamentals and a first prototypical realization of a Model-Based Configuration Management using the language ConfigML, a profile of UML, describing the terminology of configuration management, its relationships and dependencies.

Daniel Batz and Tim Schulte (Schaeffler AG)