If you have your process under control, it is you who is in the driver’s seat. This particularly applies to the development of safety-critical software. With the introduction of ISO 26262 and ASPICE, every car manufacturer and supplier is faced with the challenge of defining and implementing a slim and standard-conform process for model-based development – because an off-the-peg solution does not exist.

Our process and quality team supports you in analyzing, introducing, and optimizing your software development processes in compliance with ISO 26262, ASPICE, and AUTOSAR.

Our tailored consultancy packages deploy our focused knowledge about MBD processes, safety development and base practices of ASPICE.


  • Experienced guidance for your ISO 26262- and ASPICE-compliant software development process
  • Profit from best practices for model-based software development of leading car manufacturers and suppliers worldwide
  • Achieve highest quality standards for your software company-wide


Standard Consultancy Packages

Basic Starter

Transition from code-based to model-based software development

Safety Starter

Transition from code-based to model-based software development including compliance with safety standard ISO 26262

Safety Extension

Extension of model-based software development process to achieve compliance with safety standard ISO 26262

ASPICE Starter

Introduction of model-based software development in line with ASPICE base practices

ASPICE Extension

Analysis of given model-based software development and extension by base practices of ASPICE where not present yet

Process & Developer Manuals

We write process and developer manuals that unite global best-practices and company-specific requirements in a single document. So you can be sure that your processes and tool chains are implemented and applied in compliance with the rules laid out in ISO 26262 and/or ASPICE.

Process Manuals

Our process manuals give you a pragmatic description of the optimum structure and sequence of processes in model-based development in compliance with ISO 26262 and ASPICE – even in the case of distributed software development with off-shore components. They include proposals of the correct tools and the most appropriate form of documentation for your company.

Developer Manuals

Our developer manuals enable you to develop automotive software fast by following tried and tested procedures using Simulink®, TargetLink®, or Embedded Coder®. Our developer manuals include descriptions of how to construct software models and how to best exploit existing tools.