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MES Model Examiner® DRIVE Application at its Best – Support of Shared Model Reviews

by Anna Trögel (Model Engineering Solutions GmbH)



Today function developers are under enormous time pressure and have to meet high quality standards. According to ISO 26262 (6-4), they must justify any deviation from established safety measures and non-compliance with requirements. Therefore, it is even more important that individual tools support efficient workflows and adherence to strict quality processes within a comprehensive tool chain. This presentation will show you how the MES Model Examiner® not only provides automated examination/analysis and assistance in complying with modeling guidelines, but also support during necessary review activities: reviewing and justifying deviations, as well as reviewing guidelines which cannot be checked automatically.


Anna Trögel

Anna Trögel

Anna Trögel is Product Manager for MES Model Examiner® (MXAM). As the very first colleague to join the MES Team, Anna Trögel has been driving the development of MES Model Examiner forward and has significantly influenced the look and functionality of MXAM DRIVE. Her comprehensive experience as quality manager greatly benefits the entire MES tool chain.