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MES Quality Commander® (MQC): Keep Track of Projects and Processes in the Face of Increasing Complexity

by Anja Stoll (Model Engineering Solutions GmbH)



It is an indisputable fact that the complexity of software projects keeps rising in correlation to the increasing functionality of automotive software. Convenient tracking of product and process quality has become mandatory, especially in the case of safety-critical software with a need for fast error detection. Consequently, the secret lies in the intelligent structuring and abstraction of all product and process data to build a smart walkthrough for quality monitoring – as demonstrated in this presentation of MES Quality Commander.


Anja Stoll

Anja Stoll

Anja Stoll is Product Manager for MES Quality Commander® (MQC) within the framework of our agile product development with SCRUM. She is the interface to our customers and her experience is invaluable at the point where customer requirements and product development need to overlap. At MES she has already demonstrated her skills in this regard by managing related issues in developing a tool environment for model-based testing for a large automotive manufacturer.