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AVL Model-based Embedded Software Development Platform –
An Example of Tool-supported Process and Quality Improvement

by Dominique Louarn-Pioch (AVL Software and Functions GmbH)



AVL provides powertrain software control solutions from prototype to production to meet individual customer demands. For model-based design with MATLAB/Simulink, the AVL Powertrain Controls division has developed an integrated development platform called “AVLab”. AVLab seamlessly bundles different tools together. MES MXAM is for instance part of this toolchain. The AVL solution ensures a continuity in the model-based development process, supporting each development step of the V-cycle, from modeling over testing to code generation. AVLab increases the efficiency and the quality of the model-based embedded software development by supporting a standardized component-based approach and therefore enabling the re-use of components. The AVL development platform ensures the traceability of all artifacts like requirements, test cases, models, data labels, and test results.

The presentation gives an overview of AVLab, the AVL Embedded Software Model-based Development Platform, highlighting some key features and benefits.


Dominique Louarn-Pioch

Dominique Louarn-Pioch

Dominique Louarn-Pioch is working as Process, Methods, and Tool Department Manager at AVL in the Powertrain Controls area. She is responsible for the definition, development, and maintenance of the development infrastructure (Processes and Toolchain) worldwide. Dominique works in the automotive industry since 1994. In 2008 she joined AVL Software and Functions in Regensburg. Previously she worked at Siemens Automotive, SiemensVDO, and Continental.