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Are Today´s Guidelines Sufficient for the Future?

by Sophia Kohle (Model Engineering Solutions GmbH)



Demands on software functionality in model-based development are permanently increasing. Selected modeling languages support developers with a growing number of features and modeling capabilities. However, this also leads to increasing possibilities for error. Guidelines should continue to support developers in complying with a unified modeling style. Taking all these aspects into account, this presentation focuses on key topics of modeling guidelines in the future.


Sophia Kohle

Sophia Kohle

Sophia Kohle is Product Manager for check and guideline development for MES Model Examiner® (MXAM). As product manager Sophia Kohle defines the strategic objectives for the development and advancement of model checks. Her current focus is on the latest and future versions of dSPACE modeling guidelines and guidelines to cover requirements of ISO 26262. Sophia Kohle also supports customer projects in which company-specific guidelines and checks are implemented in MES Model Examiner®.