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The Japan Automotive MBD Market

by Masaru Hagiwara (BTC Japan Co. LTD.)



It is generally accepted that Model-based development (MBD) is a de facto standard for software development for both OEMs and suppliers in the Japanese automotive market, which is similar to Europe and USA. MBD was historically introduced in Japan under the influence of market trends from Europe and USA, and it becomes worldwide mainstream for software development nowadays. On the other hand, an original and unique development process has been used in Japan for a long time, where its own long technical development history exists. Examples are the development of Shinkansen train, home electronics or automobiles, and even the technology imported from outside of Japan has not been used ordinary in the original shape, but it has been mixed with Japanese own development process. In context of this history, also the MBD process in the Japanese automotive industry shows some specific characteristics.

For instance, simulation based development, which is based on Simulink models and simulations, is simultaneously coordinated with concrete requirements, which are described by timing charts, state flow charts, various graphs and natural language. This process contributes to having better and more suitable requirements. In addition, it needs to be considered that both the Japanese management and engineering have the tendency to strive for a perfect quality, which does not only satisfy functional requirements and safety requirements but also gives complete test results. Due to this mentality a kind of modification of the MBD process is pragmatically required. In order to realize such a perfection and integrity in the field of MBD process, a high quality auto-code generator, much more optimized model and code guidelines and most importantly advanced testing and verification methods and tools must be developed and applied for all development processes. It is not difficult to imagine that a large amount of cost is required to realize all of them.

In my keynote speech, I will introduce the efforts of OEMs and suppliers in Japan to realize the above mentioned goals and to what extent these goals have been realized.


Masaru Hgiwara

Masaru Hagiwara

1983FSI Japan Co. LTD.  Sales Engineer of Semiconductor Processing Systems
1986Klockner Moeller Japan, LTD.  Engineering Group Leader for PLC and PLC based industrial network systems
1988K.Mecs. Co. LTD.  Engineering Manager
2007Representative Manager, BTC Japan Co. LTD.