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Tool Classification Made Easy - The Making of an ISO 26262 Tool Classification Kit

by Dr. Mirko Conrad (samoconsult GmbH)



The ISO 26262 Classification Kit for MES Test Manager® (MTest) is a convenient solution for tool classification developed in collaboration between MES and samoconsult GmbH. The talk provides insights into the 14 months long evolution of this tool classification kit, the choices that were made during the development process and the final result. In particular, we'll illustrate (1) how MTest was extended after an initial tool classification in order to reduce the burden on the tool user's side and (2) what activities need to be done when using the kit in an automotive software development project.


Mirko Conrad

Dr. Mirko Conrad

Dr.-Ing. Mirko Conrad serves as managing director of samoconsult GmbH, an independent provider of consulting and engineering services in the areas of functional safety and (model-based) system and software engineering.

Mirko Conrad started his professional career at Daimler-Benz / DaimlerChrysler, where he developed and introduced methods and tools for model-based development and testing of ECU software. At MathWorks he had led the tool vendor’s worldwide development activities in the area of functional safety. He also was responsible for creating and maintaining tool qualification kits for multiple industries.

Mirko Conrad actively participated in the standardization of ISO 26262, DO-178C and the MISRA-AC guidelines. He oversaw the qualification / certification of 10+ software tools.

Mirko Conrad holds a PhD in engineering and a MSc in computer studies from TU Berlin. He also serves on the management team of the special interest group for Automotive Software Engineering of the German Computer Science Society (GI-ASE) and teaches functional safety at TU München.