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Architectural Design Support with MES M-XRAY®

by Ferry Bachmann (Model Engineering Solutions GmbH)



This talk will focus on two architectural aspects of MES M-XRAY®. First, complexity decomposition in Stateflow will be discussed with special regard to the new Stateflow metric of M-XRAY v. 3.0. Secondly, a new feature of the upcoming M-XRAY release will be presented: metrics for coupling and cohesion. Giving concrete examples, we will demonstrate how these metrics can evaluate the model architecture and reveal existing design flaws.


Ferry Bachmann

Ferry Bachmann

Ferry Bachmann joined MES in 2014 as Product Manager and is responsible for the development of MES M-XRAY®, achieving considerable progress in model complexity definition. He also supports MES tool development in the automation of internal quality assurance by means of continuous integration and Jenkins.